U.S. Federal Government Roles

As a Federal Government user of SAM, you can request or be invited to receive one or more roles in the system (your agency may have policies regarding how you should receive these roles so check with your agency).  These roles allow you to take specific actions in SAM or have access to specific capabilities.  You can have more than one role within your entity or more than one role for separate entities.

Role Permissions
Agency Exclusion Representative Formerly “Debar User” in EPLS

Can create/edit/deactivate exclusion records

This role cannot assign roles to users

Agency Administrator – Exclusions Can create/edit/delete/deactivate exclusion records

Can assign others to be Agency Administrator for Exclusions

Can assign the Agency Exclusion Representative role, if they choose to do so, to create exclusion records.

Can manage Agency Exclusion POC

Office Registration Representative Formerly “Registrant” in FedReg or “Maintainer” in CCR

Can create/edit an Entity Management registration such as IGT registration, contract registration, or grants and federal assistance registration.

This role cannot assign roles to users

Agency Administrator – Entity Management Formerly “ARO” in FedReg or “Administrator” in CCR

Primary responsibility is to create/edit/delete Entity Management registrations (such as IGT registrations) for your agency AND assign other users (known as Office Registration Representatives) to create/edit those records..

Can also assign other Agency Administrators for Entity Management

Agency Hierarchy Maintainer Has the ability to see the entire hierarchy

Responsible for ensuring level accuracy

Agency Roles Administrator Can assign any Federal Government role

CANNOT create an Entity Management registration, an Exclusion record, or an Office on the Federal Hierarchy.

In addition to these specific permissions outlined in Table 2.2, all Federal Government users who have roles, also have access to Entity Management – FOUO data in search.  This gives you access to data such as an entity’s Taxpayer Identification Number when searching in SAM as well as to entities that have opted out of public search and those that are only registered for Intra-Governmental Transactions (IGTs).

Before we define each role please note that each agency will determine its own set up, whether or not they need all the roles outlined below, and how best to dole those roles out to individuals within their agency.  At a minimum an Agency Roles Administrator, Agency Hierarchy Maintainer, Agency Administrator for Entity Management, and an Agency Administrator for Exclusions must exist for each department/agency.  One user can have all these roles or they can be assigned to multiple users.