Types of Accounts

There are two types of SAM user accounts: individual accounts and system accounts.  In most cases, an individual account is probably what you need.

An individual account:

  • Contains your own user information.
  • May stay with you even when your role in your organization or the permissions you need to do your job change.

Just because you have a user account does not mean you have the ability to create or edit records, to do those activities you must have roles.  With an account, Federal Government employees can also request access to view sensitive data through search or extracts.

system account:

  • Represents a particular information technology (IT) system.
  • Is primarily for systems which need to send data to SAM (such as a Federal Government contract writing system) or wish to automate the pull of the data through extracts or web services.
  • Is useful if multiple users in your organization need to access the same extract or web service.

The sections below focus on individual accounts.  System accounts are discussed in more detail in Data Access in SAM.