Requesting a Role with an Entity

This section covers how you can request roles with an entity that you do not currently have roles with.  If you already have roles with an entity but you want to request additional roles see Managing Roles with an Existing Entity.

Each entity has its own internal rules regarding how roles are assigned.  Some entities may want an administrator to invite you to join instead of you requesting roles.  Check with your organization to determine if you should request a role.

To request a role in SAM with an entity:

  • Select “Request Role with New Entity” underneath the “My User Roles” header on your “My SAM” page.
  • You are asked if you are a user from a U.S. Federal Government entity.  Select “Yes” or “No.”  If already have a role with an entity in SAM, the answer will be preselected based on your current role.  For example, if you have a role with a Federal Government entity, you cannot request a role with a non-Federal Government entity and vice versa.
  • Once you select your answer, select “Next”

The sections below outline the different request steps you take if you want to join a Federal Government entity or a non-Federal Government entity.