Navigating SAM

SAM provides a standardized format across all web content pages making it easy to navigate and find information.  There are several persistent areas in that can be found in the same location on every page of the system.

  • Banner – Found across the top of each page.  You can use the banner to create an account or troubleshoot your password, access the SAM homepage, and log in or out of the system.
  • Main Navigation Bar – Each page in contains the main navigation bar along the top of the screen. The tabs are for navigating you to the Home, Search Records,, Data Access, Check Status, About, and Help pages. Note: Check Status remains in the main navigation until you log in.
  • Back Button –While navigating through, the back button on your web browser is disabled. To move from your current page to an earlier page, you will need to use either the navigation bar, the section specific sub-navigation, or the previous button.

The Navigation Bar allows you to access different sections of SAM.

  • “HOME” / “MY SAM” – once you log in to SAM, “HOME” changes to “MY SAM.”  The “My SAM” navigation link gives you access to all the actions you may perform based on your user role.  For more information, see My SAM.
  • “SEARCH RECORDS” – allows you to perform full text searches with or without an account.  Without an account, you will only be able to see public, non-sensitive information.  For more information, see Search.
  • “DATA ACCESS” – provides details for accessing SAM data via Pipe-Delimited downloads.  It provides access to various types of extracts in three subsections:  Public Extracts, EM (Entity Management Extracts), and Exclusions Interfaces.  This section also includes General Data Access Information.  For more information, see Data Access.
  • “CHECK STATUS” – allows you to quickly check an entity’s registration status via the SAM Status Tracker by entering a DUNS Number or Cage Code. The Status Trackerwill show you the current status of the entity associated with that DUNS Number or Cage Code, as well as tell you what steps are left to complete based on why they are registering.
  • “ABOUT” – provides key information about SAM, news and announcements that may provide valuable information for you, and contact information associated with SAM. For more information, see About.
  • “HELP” – provides useful information on SAM such as User Guides, FAQs, informational videos, and external resources.  This should be the first place to check if you have any SAM related questions.  For more information, see Help.

On most pages in SAM, you will find a Navigation Panel on the left side of the page and the SAM Content Glossary on the right side of the page.

The Navigation Panel contains a list of links to help you navigate to different pages within that SAM tab. For example, if you are on the Help tab, the Navigation Panel allows you to navigate to FAQs, User Guides, Demonstration Videos, Exclusions Information, and External Resources.