Migrating a Legacy Account to SAM

In SAM, you have the ability to migrate your legacy roles to your new SAM account.  This will give you the same access in SAM that you had in the legacy system.  For example, if you were a Maintenance User in CCR for DUNS 123456789, you could migrate that role over to SAM for that entity.  See Table 2.3 for the mapping of the legacy system roles to SAM roles.

Legacy Roles* SAM Roles
CCR Administrator Entity Administrator
CCR Maintenance User Entity Registration Representative
CCR View Only User Entity Registration Viewer
FedReg Registrant Office Registration Representative
FedReg Agency Registration Official (ARO) Agency Administrators–Entity Management
EPLS Debar User Agency Exclusions Representative

*NOTE: You cannot migrate ORCA accounts since ORCA accounts were not tied to individual users.  Your ORCA information however has been brought over.  SAM combined the ORCA permissions with CCR permissions into the new SAM “Entity Registration Representative” role.  Migrate your CCR account(s) first.

To complete the migration process:

  • If you haven’t already done so you will need to create a new user account in SAM before you migrate your roles.  The link to create a new account is in the upper right corner of the SAM homepage.  Select the link and follow the instructions on screen.  For more information, see Creating an Account
  • Log in to SAM.
  • If it is a brand new user account, select “Yes” in the banner of your “My SAM” page otherwise select “Migrate Legacy Account” located below the “My User Roles” section on the navigation panel.
  • Select the legacy system from which you would like to your migrate roles.
  • Select “Next.”
  • The system checks if the email address for your SAM account matches an email address in the selected legacy system.
    • If a match was found, you can either migrate the matched account or you can enter the email address of a different legacy account.  Select “Next” to continue.
    • If no match was found, you must enter the email address of the legacy account that you want to migrate as shown in Figure 2.11.  Select “Next” to continue. If you are migrating an account from CCR, and you do not remember your email address from CCR, you can select the Select “Here” link to follow an alternative migration path. SAM will ask you for additional information regarding your entity’s registration.
  • If the entered email address is not unique per legacy system, then you must enter the username of the account that you would like to migrate.  For example, in CCR there may be three accounts (CCRUSER1, CCRUSER2, CCRUSER3) with the same email address ccruser@example.com.  In this scenario, you would enter the username of the account that you wish to migrate.
  • If the account has already been migrated, you are prompted to enter a different email address. Legacy accounts can only be migrated once.  After that, no other users may migrate that account.
  • SAM also checks if the migrated accounts contain roles that conflict with each other or with roles you currently have in SAM.  You will not be able to migrate both Federal Government roles and non-Federal Government roles to the same SAM account.  If you cannot migrate an account due to a conflict, you will have to create another SAM account and migrate the conflicting legacy account to your new SAM account.
  • If you can migrate the legacy account’s roles, you are taken to the “Summary” page.  Review the information and select “Submit.”
    • If your legacy account has the same email address as your SAM account, the roles are immediately activated in your account.  You have now completed the account migration process.  Log out of SAM and log back in to fully activate your roles.
    • If your legacy account email address differs from your SAM account email address, SAM sends a validation email to the email address listed in your legacy account.  Select the link in the email and log back into SAM using your SAM credentials to complete the migration process.  The roles associated with that legacy account are now active for your SAM account.
  • Complete this process for each legacy confirmation email you receive.
  • Review the accounts that you have migrated by selecting “Migrated Accounts” from your “My SAM” page.