Forgot Password

If you know your username but forget your password, you can reset your own password.  Due to security requirements, only individual accounts can complete this password reset process.  If you have a system account and have forgotten your password, contact the Federal Service Desk for assistance.

For individual accounts, follow the steps below if you have forgotten your password:

  • From the SAM homepage, in the upper right corner, select “Forgot Password?”
    • Enter your username and the email address associated with your account.  This should be the email address that you entered in your SAM account user profile, regardless of whether you currently have access to that email account.  Complete the CAPTCHA image.  Select “Next.”
  • If you no longer have access to the email address associated with your SAM account, follow the instructions below to change your email address.
  • If you have access to the email address associated with your SAM account select “Send Email.”  An email from will be sent to your email account.  Select the link in the email.
  • Create your new password.  Your new password should be different than your previous ten passwords you have used in SAM, and should conform to the password requirements.  Select “Save” to continue.  You may now use your new password to access your account.

If you do not have access to that email account any more (for example, if you recently switched jobs), you can send the password reset link to a different email address after you have proven your identity.  To do so:

  • Select “Update Email Address.”  Select one of the three security questions, provide the corresponding answer, and select “Next” to continue.  NOTE: Answers to security questions are not case sensitive.
  • Enter the new email address on the “Change Email Address” page.  Enter the same address twice to make sure that you have typed it correctly.  Select “Send Email.”  This will update the email address associated with your SAM account, and send an email to that new address with a link to reset your password.  Select “Done” on the confirmation screen to return to the SAM homepage.
  • After receiving the email, select the link.  On the “Change Password” screen, update your password and select “Save.”