Entity Management Registration

The Entity Management functional area of SAM, formerly Central Contractor Registration (CCR), Online Representations and Certifications (ORCA), and Federal Agency Registration (FedReg), is the primary database for the U.S. Federal Government to manage information on potential government business partners or federal financial assistance recipients.

If you have previously registered your entity in CCR, ORCA, or FedReg all of your entity’s information has been brought into SAM.  To access your entity’s registration you will need to migrate your legacy account.  Step by step instructions on this process are provided in Migrating a Legacy Account to SAM.

The term Entity may refer to prime contractors, organizations, financial assistance recipients, loan recipients, sole proprietors, corporations, partnerships, and any Federal Government agencies desiring to do business with the government.  Whether applying for assistance awards, contracts, or other business opportunities, all entities are considered registrants.  Registrants are required to complete a one-time registration.  This registration must be re-certified annually.

You must register if:

  • You would like to be eligible to be awarded contracts by the Federal Government.
  • You are applying for assistance awards from the Federal Government.
  • You are a Federal Government entity engaged in Intra-Governmental buying or selling.
  • You have been otherwise directed to register by a government official.

NOTE:  Registration does not guarantee business with the Federal Government.

On the website, mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*) to prompt you to enter information for all required fields.